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The Amethyst Centre is now CLOSED for the duration of the Covid-19 emergency. We are running a Crowdfunder to raise funds so that when we get the go-ahead, we can reopen for therapies. Full details, including what you can pledge and what rewards you can get are in the link below. This means you can pay for a treatment or Reiki attunement now, and claim it when we re-open. If you can see your way to doing this, it will be a great help. Thank you for your support over the last 5 years, and we look forwards to seeing you, hopefully in the Summer!



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The Centre does not have its own car park, but the surrounding streets are all unrestricted parking. That does, however, mean that places fill up very quickly. We recommend, therefore, that you park in Clay Lane car park, postcode CV2 4LJ, and walk round. It’s only 5 minutes walk from there and it is really cheap.

We are above the “99p Shop”. The entrance is round the back of the shop, and is the glass and metal door by the grey wall. You can see a photo of the outside of the Centre below.

Please note that all enquiries for PhysioDirect or Sano Physiotherapy need to be directed to them rather than the Amethyst Centre. Sano’s phone number is 0113 257 8594.

What we look like



What a peaceful oasis in the middle of Coventry

Emma, Coundon

This is a very old Sacred Site and the water line feeds right under it which comes across town from the south/east, and must carry the powerful energies of this special place, MUCH like the Old Cathedral does. You are blessed where you work, its unique.

Mike, British Society of Dowsers

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