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10 Trusted Ways to Keep Cool

Woman keeping cool with fan

I don’t like hot weather. Not one bit. So over the years I’ve learned some tips for keeping cool – and today I’ve even learned a new one too! Here’s my list, can you add to it?

  1. Wear cotton, bamboo or linen clothing. Natural fibres allow the skin to breathe and the air to circulate. This applies to underwear as much as outerwear!
  2. Stay in the shade whenever possible. Limit the sun exposure to 20 minutes max. That will make sure you get your Vitamin D3 topped up naturally too.
  3. Open doors and windows as much as you can at night and close them at midday if you can. The air is coolest after 4am and before 11am.
  4. Close the curtains and keep them closed on the south and west facing sides of the house. This is where the sun shines for the longest time. If you are lucky enough to have curtains and windows on the north side of the house, you can open them to get cooler air in – but even then, close them during the heat of the day.
  5. Fans, darling, fans! Even if you can’t get the desk or floor standing fans, you can make a manual fan by folding paper into a concertina pattern,  fanning it out and waving it in front of your face! (For inspiration, see the picture)
  6. For floor standing or desk fans, put a bowl of cold water with ice in it in front of the fan and you will get the benefit of water cooling of the atmosphere as well as the fan action.
  7. Water cooling? Ah yes. Get a spray bottle (you can get them from a chemist), fill it with plain water and spray your skin and clothing to keep you cool. You can spray your bedding at night too.
  8. Night time heat? Get yourself a cold water bottle. Save an empty water bottle, fill it with water, put the top securely back on and put in the fridge. (If you’re really desperate, freeze it!) Take this cold water bottle to bed with you – but remember to check the top is on securely, or you’ll be wondering who made the bed wet…
  9. Desperate to cool down? Run your wrists under a cold tap. This cools the blood in the veins because the veins are near the surface here. Can also put your hands (or feet…) into a bowl of cold water. Or wring a hand towel out in cold water and put it round your neck.
  10. I learnt this today, but it makes sense. Suck a mint, or sniff an Olbas Oil stick. This works by tricking the brain into turning your internal thermostat down. It’s the menthol that does it – think cool minty freshness…