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A week in the life of the Centre?

I’m going to combine here several posts that first saw the light of day on Facebook, which tell you what I envisage life to be like in the Centre.

What will you see when you visit the Amethyst Centre? Well you go through the door and up the stairs. At the top, to your right you will see a desk with a laptop on it, and someone sitting at the desk (probably me!). Behind the desk is a filing cabinet and a printer. Beside the desk is a display cabinet full of goods for sale; organic skincare and supplements from NYR Organic, beautiful and functional jewellery from Magnetix-wellness, and yummies from Wikaniko. And other stuff too like crystals and oils. There is some comfy seating and a coffee table. What are the colours? The carpet is sand, the walls are magnolia or pale yellow, and there are duckegg blue vertical blinds at the window. There are plants and a bowl of fresh fruit for you. One of the walls is deep blue, and another wall is the “Wall of Fame”. This has names, photos or quotes from all the lovely people who have contributed to getting the project off the ground via Indiegogo crowdfunding. I want the reception area to be a welcoming place, and a good place to chill out while you wait for your therapist.

Let’s imagine you’ve booked a treatment with me at the Centre. On the reception desk will be someone else – either another therapist, a volunteer, or even an apprentice – to provide the same level of service as I would for another therapist. You and I go down the corridor past the toilets and into my therapy room, which is at the front of the building. You sit on the comfy sofa while I take a full consultation with you. You can see around you that there is a sink, work surface and cupboards to your right, above that there is a window with duckegg blue vertical blinds. The therapists couch is in the middle of the room. The main window at the front also has duckegg blue vertical blinds. There is a bookshelf and more shelves with towels and blankets stored on them. Another display unit has crystals and essential oils in it. Soothing music is playing, and a diffuser is on with oils scenting the atmosphere.

So if you book a session with a counsellor at the Centre, what will you find? After checking in at Reception, you will go up a flight of stairs to the second floor. The room is light and airy with large windows, again duckegg blue blinds. The furniture is comfortable and will allow you to relax while you are in the session.