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The Amethyst Centre steps up to fill the gaps!

Luxurious procedure

Some of you are parents with teens looking to get qualified in a vocational subject. Some of you might know of someone older who wants to change career and who is looking for a national qualification in a vocational subject.

Did you know that the FE colleges locally are cutting down on some of the vocational subjects, at a time when they have never been more needed?

The Amethyst Centre has stepped forwards to run City and Guilds VRQ Level 3 vocational qualifications in complementary therapy, starting after Easter with Indian Head Massage. Working in partnership with Phoenix HBNT of Chelmsford, we can offer online training in topics like Anatomy and Physiology or Principles, practices & industry standards for therapists, as well as hands-on training in the therapies.

Being outside the national system, we are afraid our provision isn’t eligible for Governmental funding with things like Advanced Learner Loans. That doesn’t mean it is inferior quality though. In fact, if anything, it is a better quality of training students will get because we have a maximum number of students of just 6! Colleges are closing their provision because they have a minimum number of 15 – 20! So you will get individualised tuition and personal support. Chris, the Amethyst Centre Manager, originally gained her Post-Graduate Certificate in Education working with adult learners and providing individualised learning and tuition, so she is returning to her roots. We are looking at ways to make it easier for people to pay for these courses, and we can offer payment plans so you can pay monthly. The elements of the training will be paid for separately, so you will pay for the course tuition, and separately for the assessment fee, and also separately for the A&P online programme. You will also need to pay a registration fee with City and Guilds of £75 – but once you do this, it is done for the next 3 years and you don’t have to pay again regardless of how many C&G qualifications you take! We think this makes it easier for you – but we will monitor this to see how it works.

Maybe you already are a therapist, and have some qualifications such as A&P, but some of your therapies you gained through one or two day courses? This can provide problems down the line with insurance and acceptance by professional bodies and governing bodies. We can offer you the chance to convert your certificates to a nationally recognised qualification with individualised work plans. Chris will assess your practice and knowledge to the national standards, and devise with you an Individual Learning Plan to bring you up to their standards and through their assessment. Just get in touch with us to discuss this.

If you know someone who is looking to become a fully qualified complementary therapist, please tell them to get in touch as we will be running different courses over the next few months. Here’s the booking link for the IHM course: