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Another Supermoon – but this time it’s different.

The Moon tarot card

There is yet another Supermoon approaching this month – but this time it’s different. It’s the closest to Earth it’s been in our lifetimes, and to explain what’s going on I thought I’d look at the Tarot card for “The Moon”,

Very informative and enlightening it is too. The moon – which is a Full Moon – is shining its light on the scene below, with two dogs barking at the moon. Wait – aren’t “lunatics” supposed to “bark at the moon”? It certainly does seem that everyone has gone mad in the last week, the world has changed and we are now in an unfamiliar landscape. We have passed through the valley and we are now looking back. What have we done? What has happened? And look – emboldened by the Moonshine, there is a scorpion making its way out of the waters. What sign are we currently in? Scorpio! Because the Moon is so close at this point in time, its gravitational effect is pulling the covers back and we now see what has been hidden for so long. “Woodwork creaks and out come the freaks” as Was Not Was once sung.

A very wise friend of mine, the Doc, said that all this fear and evil is being exposed so that we may heal it. This is the time for us Lightworkers and all those who are from the Light to shine our love on the earth and send healing. We must be present at this time in Love and Light.