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Holistic therapies and training in Coventry

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Posts by Chris

Why choose to work from the Amethyst Centre?

Earlier this year a firm of physiotherapists visited the Centre and decided to move their Coventry base to the Centre. I was intrigued by this and keen to know their reasons for actually moving from one place in Coventry to another, so I asked them. One of their key points was that the Centre is…

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Making bookings

As some of you are aware, Chris is to go into hospital for a major operation on Friday and not return until January at the earliest. With this in mind, she has removed the ability to make online bookings for appointments for our therapists. You will still, however, be able to book courses online through…

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Amazing! We are winners!

The 2019 Hotel & Spa Awards Press Release LUXlife Magazine Announces The Winners of the 2019 Hotel & Spa Awards United Kingdom, 2019- LUXlife magazine announces the winners of the 2019 Hotel & Spa Awards. LUXlife Magazine honours those who work tirelessly to provide the best guest services, amongst fierce competition, allowing peaceful and tranquil…

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Bowen Open Day!

We have an exciting event coming up the centre as our Bowen therapist, Bernadette Tunney will be hosting a Bowen Therapy Open day from 10 till 4 pm on Bank holiday Monday 6th May. Come and have a chat about how Bowen can help you feel better, relax, help with stress, sleep better, manage your…

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What’s On at the Centre week beginning Monday 11th February

Monday 11th: Open 3 – 6pm, with Ben Warden our student CBT counsellor seeing clients and Janet on reception. Tuesday 12th: Open 9 – 1pm. Chris is in doing admin and supervising a case study. Wednesday 13th: Open 9 – 1pm and 6 – 8pm. Chris is in doing admin during the morning and interviewing…

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Essential Oils with a Male Psyche

You may remember I wrote a blog post on the Floral essential oils and how they remind me of women at certain stages in their lives. Well it came to me, while teaching the Aromatherapy group, that perhaps I ought to do the same about the oils which I think of as being “male”, or…

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Bowen Therapy for you?

It’s always nice when our therapists tell us of some amazing feedback they have received from their clients. Here’s some feedback that Bernadette Tunney received from one of her Bowen Therapy clients: I have fibromyalgia and I would definitely recommend bowen therapy for anyone suffering with chronic pain disorders. I have had 6 sessions so…

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Wolverhampton and life lessons

I lived in Wolverhampton for 11 years in the late 70s and 80s, and I go back only rarely these days, usually when an old friend has an occasion or, sadly a funeral. I’m a member of a group on Facebook which has lots of photographs of Wolverhampton in the old days, and also of…

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The Floral Females of Aromatherapy

While teaching the Aromatherapy class the other day I came up with these female personas for the floral essential oils. I think it’s a great way to remember who and what and what for! 1. Chamomiles. The Chamomiles are the girls who climb on your lap saying “Daddy, what’s wrong?”. These are the girls whose…

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