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Welcome Sharon Adey to Saturdays!

Sharon Adey

I’m so pleased to welcome Sharon to the Centre as a therapist! I first came across her when I attuned her to Reiki. After then, she went on to become a Diploma in Reflexology student at the Centre. Now she’s completed her course and we can offer her space as a therapist here. Her first…

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Meet Jim, our new massage therapist

Jim, a man looking into the camera smiling

We are really pleased to welcome Jim Suther, our new massage therapist, to the Centre in the next couple of weeks. Here’s what he told us about himself and his practice. If you are interested in booking with Jim, please contact him directly using the information below. He will mostly be available at the Centre…

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Changes to Pricing Structure

Another pic of Carnelian

Now the Centre is back open again, and we can see what is required more clearly, we have reviewed our pricing structure. The decision has been taken to reduce the room hire rates for two of the rooms. For the Carnelian and Celestine rooms, the price is reverting to £10 per hour, with a daily…

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Could it be you?

instruction to you to dream big - work hard

Let me tell you something. I was thinking this afternoon. (“Steady Chris” I hear you say. Bear with me.) 14 years ago this week I was in Daventry College, being interviewed for a course which ended up changing my life in ways I had never envisaged. I literally took an academic year out of my…

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Locked In to Looked Up!

Locked In to Looked Up award

I was given the “Locked In to Looked Up” award by the NoW Network last Saturday evening. It’s an award given in recognition of the hard work and struggle put in to keep the Amethyst Centre going over the last 18 months. A quick recap: Both myself and my husband had Covid at the end…

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10 Trusted Ways to Keep Cool

Woman keeping cool with fan

I don’t like hot weather. Not one bit. So over the years I’ve learned some tips for keeping cool – and today I’ve even learned a new one too! Here’s my list, can you add to it? Wear cotton, bamboo or linen clothing. Natural fibres allow the skin to breathe and the air to circulate.…

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Despite it all, amazingly we’re still here!

grass 1913167 1280

Despite everything that has happened over the last year, all the lockdowns, all the suffering with Covid and Long Covid, we’re still here. Despite it all, there is still a lot going on at the Centre, and we are opening back up slowly but surely. We are a Covid-safe place, we take your health and…

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Reopening with the “new normal” for the Centre on the 14th April

Chris's therapies

It’s here – and we’re back! It’s been, as George Harrison once said, “a long, cold, lonely winter” for all of us. I’ve been doing a lot behind the scenes: much Continuous Professional Development has happened, the Centre achieved a Very Big Thing which will be released next week, and we have some other Big…

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Come Walking the Path with Chris!

Blue and Green Photo Health Wellness Podcast Cover1 scaled

After some months of preparation, I’m thrilled to little pieces that my new podcast is at last available! Here’s a QandA about it: Why that title? Well I tell my students “This is your path and you must walk it”. I am not a guru! I may be a teacher but what does that mean?…

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A favourite memory

Pamper yourself

This post popped up on my Memories feed on Facebook today. It reminded me of the need to keep the Centre going at this time, especially when the future seems as grey as the sky has been today. This is the testimonial that brought me to tears: “I had the great pleasure in the summer…

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