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Crowdfunding Therapy Angels

Therapy Angel

Last Friday an email dropped in my inbox from my domain name providers. I thought it might be important, so I opened it “We have a fund to support crowdfunding and we would like to ask you to submit a project idea.” I dug in the bottom drawer of ideas that I keep, and pulled Continue reading »

What does “challenge” mean to you?

Jousting Knight Challenge

You see, I was taking part in a sort of goal-planning exercise in a networking meeting and I was asked to share 3 positive words that will help me to achieve my goal. My words were: “Challenge, Teamwork, Belief” The exercise leader asked me to change the word “challenge” because it was negative. We had Continue reading »

True story!

This is a true story. A few years ago a couple of friends of mine got a new embroidery machine for their business. To try it out they embroidered some plain canvas shoulder bags, some with a poem “The Great Invocation” and the others with the Reiki principles. I bought one of each from them. Continue reading »