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Ruby Simon joins the Centre’s team

We’re really pleased to welcome Ruby Simon to the team of therapists working from the Centre. Here’s what she has to offer:

Hello, my name is Ruby and I deliver Chakra Balancing Therapy, using the natural healing and balancing abilities of crystals.
Chakra Balancing Therapy is a holistic treatment that aims to release blocked energy from certain centres within your body, called chakras. This balancing of chakras can have positive physical, emotional, mental and spiritual effects.

Simply being in the presence of crystals can often create a sense of calm and ease, as their stable structure gently influences our energy imbalances. Other possible benefits of crystals include the alleviation of pain, stress, anxiety, tiredness as well as creating feelings of peacefulness and spiritual connectedness.

With my 1 hour Chakra Balancing Therapy, you will experience a personalised treatment in a tranquil and welcoming environment with relaxing music (if preferred). During the treatment you will be fully clothed (with shoes removed) and invited to sit on a massage couch to engage in a brief guided mindfulness meditation. Then you will be asked to lie down and will be made to feel comfortable, with choices of pillows and blankets. I will then intuitively work with each of your chakra points, with selected crystals, to help restore your balance.

After the treatment, a drink refreshment will be offered and aftercare advice will be given.

Please contact the Amethyst Centre to book an appointment (, or email myself for any questions (

I look forward to seeing you,

Ruby (Accredited and Insured)

Her one hour chakra balancing treatment will cost £60.