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Welcome Manjit Randhawa

Please welcome Manjit Randhawa,Source Energy Healing Practitioner and Wellbeing Life and Spiritual Coach, to the team at the Amethyst Centre. She is available Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays with Source Energy Healing. She is also a Wellbeing Life Coach, Certified in England. Here is what she says about how she can help you.

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go of what no longer serves us. When you’re in the middle of a stressful situation, it’s easy to lose sight of where you’re headed and yourself and your life purpose. I am here to remind us that “no matter what”, we are all gifted with everything within us to live the life we want and fill our life purpose. “The mind is everything” – what you think you become! Enjoy life. Don’t wish away the days waiting for better ones ahead as today is a new day and another step towards achieving your life goals. “Let the light shine within you”. Our life is what our thoughts make it! I myself am living proof that we can overcome every obstacle no matter what!

Do you feel somewhere along the way you got lost or disconnected from your dreams? Imagine for a few moments what it would be like if your true potential, your life’s purpose and building the life of your dreams was still possible for you to have? Please wait no longer it’s all possible, you can have it. I can help you!

Being gifted with Source Energy Healing Hands and being an Inspiring Wellbeing Life Coach, empowering people to achieve their life purpose goals, I can help you with healing the mind, body, spirit and soul connection so that you can move forward in your life and live your life’s true path journey!

Source Energy Healing – A powerful, yet gentle, new form of Healing that works on all areas of the body, mind and spirit. Working at a cellular level this dynamic form of Healing works on the DNA within the cells and helps people move forward in all areas of their lives. Source Energy Healing works both remotely (distance) and Hands on Healing Method. It is also excellent at clearing and healing the past by releasing the blocks so that we can follow our true path. It brings light and healing to all aspects of the body, mind and spirit and emotions, as well as working on the chakras, meridians, all body structures and the aura. Amazing results, during your session you will start to feel calm as your body starts to relax and feel very grounded by the end of the session. Clients have commented that they feel light as a feather and like they are just floating through the clouds.

I look forward to meeting with you. Please contact me at 07419296111
Your sister in prosperity,
Manjit Randhawa
Source Energy Healing Practitioner and Wellbeing Life and Spiritual Coach

Sessions with Manjit cost £60 for a full hour, or £33 for half an hour. To book with her, please contact the Centre.