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Come Walking the Path with Chris!

Blue and Green Photo Health Wellness Podcast Cover1

After some months of preparation, I’m thrilled to little pieces that my new podcast is at last available!

Here’s a QandA about it:

Why that title? Well I tell my students “This is your path and you must walk it”. I am not a guru! I may be a teacher but what does that mean? I’m a guide, a signpost along the way. I give them tools and information but what they then do with it is completely up to them. So for a podcast, I’d like to talk to people who are on a spiritual path about their path, and walk alongside them for 20 minutes or so.

Spiritual path”? Yes. I want to talk to people who acknowledge their spirituality and the role it plays in their life, about how that manifests itself and what teachers or systems they have used or consulted along the way, whether they use their ideas and methods now or not.

I want to talk to anyone. Don’t care whether they are just Jo Public or the world’s greatest whatever, if they are open to telling me about spirituality and things like that then I’ll talk to them!

What sort of things will you ask them?

  • Firstly, if we were actually going for a walk together in real life, where would we be walking?
  • What does spirituality mean to you?
  • Has spirituality always played a part in your life, or did you come to it gradually?
  • Can you tell me who has influenced your spirituality along the way?
  • Do you consider yourself to have any gifts such as healing or mediumship? If so, have you developed them in any way?
  • Have you undertaken any organised form of spiritual development?
  • Have you discarded any spiritual system or thinking along the way?
  • Where do you think your spiritual roots lie?
  • Do you know where the next part of your journey might lead? Are you investigating anything in particular right now?

And other things, based on their answers to these questions no doubt!

Are these questions you feel comfortable answering yourself? Yes and I am the first guinea pig for the podcast!

Are there any sponsorship opportunities available? Yes. I’m sure you will forgive me for having my therapy centre, The Amethyst Centre, as the main sponsor for this series, but if you or your business align with the theme of the podcast, I’m sure we can accommodate your sponsorship.

What other promotional opportunities are available?

The podcast will be promoted extensively on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, via our Patreon account and YouTube channel as well as via the Centre’s weekly newsletter.

So on Friday 19th February at 10am, I’ll be streaming live with Gary Jones of Grow Media, who is my producer for the series, and I’ll be answering these questions, and more besides too.  The link below gives you the initial introductory episode. If you’re interested in attending the livestream, please get in touch. It will also be available on Facebook.

There is a Patreon account set up, which is intended to cover the cost of professional production. There will be extra goodies available – sneaky peeks, extra time with the interviewee, that sort of thing – for those who subscribe. Here’s the link for that: 

Oh and I actually do have a bona fide Rock Star lined up for next month’s podcast! How about that! And also one of my cricketing heroes coming soon too! As well as some of my students and friends. If you’d like to take part, please get in touch. Blue and Green Photo Health Wellness Podcast Cover1