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Coming up to Christmas, availability and Black Friday (ish)

How’s the preparation for the festive season going? Got all your presents? Decorated yet? Fed up of people asking? So am I! But anyway let’s see how the Amethyst Centre can help you with your preparations.

Firstly, should you want to keep yourself going with a treatment, please note that the Centre will be open reduced hours this week and next. This is because I shall be out at networking events and I’ve not discovered the secret of bilocation yet (the spiritual art of being in two places at once). So next week, we have therapies available at the following times:

Wednesday 10 – 12
Thursday 12 – 8
Friday 12 – 4
Saturday 10 – 2 (the Stress-Busting workshop has been cancelled).

These times also apply if you want to bring your filled handbag into the Centre for the Helping Handbags campaign. There’s a photo here with what needs to go in to the handbag for distribution to local homeless women. I do have some of the stuff at the Centre, I’ve bought them cheaper wholesale, so don’t worry if you can’t put everything in.

Helping Handbags

If you want to buy some Christmas presents while helping me reduce my stock levels ready for some gorgeous new products then good news – I’m having a Black Friday sale, which will start at 4pm Thursday and end at 2pm Saturday! I will have baskets of goodies from NYR Organic and Magnetix-wellness Jewellery, and also Wikaniko, to sell at up to 50% off. There will be some products that I’ve opened and have used as samples which will be on sale at £5. And – I haven’t decided yet – but I might do a £5 off gift vouchers too! (If I do it will only be on the £25 and the £40.)

And if I get a chance I might put the decs up…