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Cosmic Art and Healing


Robyn Rainbow has written about what her art and therapy practice offers you.

I have not made a secret of my Atlantean past life, Atlantean art and reiki healing.
But now many of us are starting to discover and realise that we have had had past lives on other planets, galaxies and universes, and that we are multi-dimensional divine beings in human form.
By connecting with the Pleadians, I learned that I have had a previous incarnation there. I channel Pleadian art and symbols. Other galactic past is also being revealed on other planets.
Now is a time to heal the ‘Star Wars’ and live in peace and harmony.
In addition to working with the Galactic Healers, 100 percent light never reprogrammed, the Angels, Angels of Atlantis, St. Germain, Merlin, Cosmic Merlin, Metatron, Isis, Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Zadkiel, Sandalphon, and so many other wonderful entities, Ascended Masters, Usui, dragons, dolphins, unicorns, quite an entourage, the list goes on, but All for the highest possible good! Pure love and light.
During this period of ascension on Earth, we are experiencing an unprecedented mass awakening. Our genetic DNA is being upgraded to cope with the changes and new ways of being, new communication forms, and new systems and so much more to be revealed.
The healing energies that I channel are optimum for the high vibrations which are prevailing now. I can send healing to your past lives as well as your present life and to your physical body and all of your 4 body sysyem. This can be done in person or at a distance, remotely. I also communicate through my art (and creativity..). There is much information in my art that you may not be able to comprehend just yet, but it will be assimilated and when you are ready you will comprehend (some of my own work is still revealing more to me now as my learning grows.)
It is, therefore, not necessary for me to verbalise all to you at the time of healing, but know that healing has ocurred and that you will learn more and more as your ability to understand increases. Many languages are used, including light and symbols and codes, I also find myself channeling spoken languages, e. g. Atlantean.
We are all on a huge learning curve, and living in exciting times of positive change and infinite possibilities. If you are drawn to my energies, you can book my services, purchase or commission art, etc at the Amethyst Centre, or visit my Rainbow Woman page.
Love and Light xxx