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Our Counselling team

Here at the Centre we are pleased to have a counselling team who work from here, and they do it on a voluntary basis. We offer a free initial assessment with either of our two counsellors.

Vivien, who is a humanistic counsellor attached to the Centre. She has studied person-centred counselling since 2011 and has a depth of personal experience in this field. Her day job is in a dementia care home and she has an interest in counselling people who have relatives who need care. Her fees for the summer are £20, going up to £45 from September, and she is available on Saturdays.

Ben Warden is our CBT counsellor. Here's what he says about his service:

If you're becoming overwhelmed with the effects of anxiety, depression or a whole host of other problems then I believe I can help with CBT, by offering relief in the short term and effective change in the long term. I offer a safe space to talk about whatever is concerning you and we'll work together on whatever needs to be done. We can deal with any present issue and any underlying past emotional pain, by feeling out the emotion behind the problems and understanding what's behind the specific thoughts that are influencing problematic behaviour. We'll increase self awareness to understand the past and affect relevant changes for the future.
I'm a cognitive behavioural therapist. The cognitive element of the therapy is increasing self awareness of the automatic thoughts that are influencing daily problems and why they are in your mind in the first place. The behavioural element is the implementation of small changes to feel better, which can change the perception of the past to affect the future
My past experience includes speaking to a wide range of age groups on varying issues. Regardless, this is a goal oriented type of therapy, even if you don't necessarily have a specific one at the start. The reason for this is so that we're both on the same wavelength throughout, so we both feel that the process is at least giving you small tangible changes."
He is available Monday - Friday, 9 - 5, and he charges £45.
We will have student counsellors attached to the Centre when they complete their theory. While they can't charge for their therapy, their students pay the Centre £15 for their room hire.

If you'd like to book an appointment with them to see whether they are for you, please get in touch. There is no charge for the initial consultation.