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Crystal alert!

AA clear quartz pillar

Short post to alert you all to the fact that I’ve added some new crystals to the Shop. The ones I’ve added today are all clear quartz pillars, which mean they stand upright and can be used for directing energy upwards.

Just a note on the terminology used:

Dow = faces at the point are arranged in this order: 3 sided – 7 sided – 3 sided.
Isis = where one of the faces at the point forms a pentagon. Named after the Egyptian female goddess.
Ancestral = lines or grooves, which may resemble a bar code, along the sides.
Record keeper = tiny triangles on the faces of the crystal
Generator = six equal faces at the point of the crystal
Elestial = where a main crystal also has smaller crystals pointing in the same direction along its sides

Clear quartz crystals are regarded as the Master Healer crystals. They contain all the colours of the rainbow and amplify existing healing energies. These particular ones have a point and are used to direct energy in one particular direction, otherwise known as “wands”. They should never be pointed at anyone without first setting a healing intent!