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Here’s to year 2!

Well we made it through the first year of trading! September 1st, 2015 at 6pm we opened the door to our first client. And so, September 1st 2016 at 6pm saw Chris on reception while a therapist saw her own client. That’s actually quite a big change because it means the Centre is fulfilling its original purpose.

Chris originally wanted to create a place where she could step back from providing therapies myself. She is fond of saying “I am getting no younger” and there are plenty of younger therapists who are wanting to develop their own careers in the business. She is pleased that all the hours of planning, all the hours of working, all the grey hairs and wrinkles, all the love and money ploughed in to the business, is starting to bear fruit.

She is still a working therapist in her own right, though. She still provides Reiki, crystal healing, chakra balancing and aromatherapy, though next year she intends to concentrate on her 88 Club members treatments.

Physiotherapy firms hire rooms at the Centre 4 days a week, and they appreciate the welcoming and relaxing environment of the Centre, with its comfortable seating in Reception and full staffing. They are pleased that they are able to concentrate on their clients and work in a safe and secure environment.

If you are a holistic therapist who wants to grow and develop a practice, then get in touch with us at the Centre. We can’t promise, but at least we can help and advise, and we can help you by promoting your services to our own clients and newsletter list.

So what is in store for next year? More growth, more therapies, more people helped, more healing, more people trained, more contacts made, more networks grown. More 88 Club members. More newsletter recipients. More love and more light.