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Facilities at the Centre

So what facilities can you expect if you visit the Amethyst Centre?

The Reception is on the main floor of the Centre. You will find comfortable seating, a water bowser, and a display with items for sale.

What sets The Amethyst Centre apart from other similar centres is its staffing. It is our intention to provide a fully staffed reception at all times that the Centre is open and has therapists or training on site. We regard this as essential to ensure the success of the Centre and its therapists, as they can devote their entire attention to their clients and provide a better service to them.

This website gives both clients and course attendees the ability to book their places online, to pay in advance or on site, and to join our growing newsletter list to receive information about forthcoming events first.

NYR Organic and FairTrade hot and cold drinks are always available.

A shower is available (accessible via one of the toilets) for use by therapists or their clients if needed.