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I feel like a cuppa tea!

You could have a Tea Party in the Celestine Room - or you could have a meeting or a workshop!

If this last week has taught me anything, it is the therapeutic value of a mug of builder’s tea. From Poomageddon last Saturday, to staring into the abyss of my personal current account, it has been a truly challenging week, of that there is no doubt.

While I was waiting for the nice man with his drain clearing machine to come on Tuesday, I knew I couldn’t go to the loo, so I just had the odd sip of water. I got so into “I can’t have anything to drink” that I completely forgot to offer the poor guy a cup of coffee! I remembered when he asked if I only sold teas or did I do coffees too. How embarrassing! And he was such a nice man too. We had a really good conversation about Frankincense and I taught him how to smell an essential oil. (If you’re in Coventry, the firm is Keval Services by the way. Thoroughly recommended.) So I made him a coffee and I had a cuppa tea too. Then I spent most of the afternoon sanitising the toilets!

This episode has had severe knock-on effects on the finances of the Centre and myself too, and several times last week I considered giving up and handing the keys back. If it was only that simple, no doubt I would have done it! But it isn’t. Then I sat down with my diary and looked at everything planned for March, all the bookings, all the therapies booked with me, and did the sums. So we’re still in business – only just – but there will be some changes made in the future, and perhaps the Centre won’t be open as often or as long. But that’s preferable to the alternative.

There is a saying, A woman is like a tea bag: you don’t know her strength until she gets into hot water! The longer the tea bag stays in hot water, the stronger the tea becomes. I hope I’m brewed now: please Universe, take me out of the hot water because surely that’s a decent strength by now!