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Do I teach Reiki?

Reiki principles

I do get asked regularly about learning Reiki. I am a teaching Reiki master and I do attune people to Reiki and teach them how to use it. If you wish to learn Reiki to practise professionally, level 2 is the level which is accepted by insurers as suitable achievement to be let loose on the public. Level 2 is also the level at which the Universe thinks “this person is serious – let’s make the necessary changes to their life to get them where they need to be”. So once you are attuned to level 2, your life will change radically.

Reiki is a beautiful spiritual practice. The healing side is just a useful sideline really! So if you wish to start on your spiritual journey, or if you wish to add Reiki to your spiritual journey or therapies, please get in touch.

I teach on a one-to-one basis, but if there are enough of you I will try and get a small group together. My Master student Faye usually sits in on the sessions as it’s useful to have someone there observing and being an extra body to practise on.

These are the current prices:
Level 1 £100
Level 2 £250
Level 3a (Advanced Reiki Techniques) £250
Level 3b (Reiki Master Teacher) £250

The Level 3 is usually taught as part of an ongoing mentorship, and you will be required to work more closely with Chris over a period of time.
It may be possible to arrange for you to pay in ways that aren’t money, though money will always form part of the exchange.

The prices always include the following: Attunement to Reiki, manual, certification, tuition and practice in working on self and others, drinks and ongoing mentorship.

Just get in touch and we’ll discuss it.