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Interested in your past life?

Duncan Adams hypnotherapist

Are you ready to explore a past life?

Have you ever had the thought that although you had never been to a place before that it seemed somewhat familiar? Or always wondered why you had a natural ability to learn another language or play a musical instrument? Or conversely do you feel that something from the distant past has been holding you back or affecting your life today, but you can’t remember what that past event was?

Well whether you are just inquisitive to discover, or want to further understand or make changes to your present life, then you may find that through the use of hypnosis that we can uncover a Past Life experience that has a bearing on your life today.

In this two hour session, we can also explore if you wish your experience of the life led in-between lives (i.e. what is it like to live in heaven), meet your spirit guide and explore current soul family connections. You will be given a recording of the session for you to take away and listen to at home.

Until the end of November, this will cost just £49 at the Amethyst Centre (normal price £75). Please note that although we will strive to achieve all of the above, that each individual is different and nothing is guaranteed.

Sessions are available on Thursdays with Duncan Adams. To book, please contact the Centre.