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Jessica May on Coventry

Jessica May

Jessica May, who is with us every Friday, has a newsletter every month. Here’s what she says about her work in Coventry:

As I said earlier in this issue, one of my main lessons so far this year has been to trust Spirit. When
they direct you somewhere or you keep seeing signs, it’s always good to follow their message. For me,
it has been to work in Coventry.
The city of Coventry has a lot of history hiding within the fabrics of it’s buildings, therefore holding
a lot of memories and energy. It’s a city that has seen many historic events, that include Lady
Godiva’s brave public display, the destruction of World War 2 and most recently winning City of Culture 2020; which resulted in a visit from The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge this month.
Spirit informed me that it would be important to visit there for many reasons. My guides told me that
I’d be needed in Coventry for healing and reconnecting people back onto their soul path’s, as well as
healing the ley-lines that run through the city. Diana Cooper did this recently from Birmingham,
whilst releasing her new Dragon Oracle cards. This seems to have shaken the energies a little, however
there is still much to be done. Like a person, the land holds energy. It must be nurtured or it will send
a ripple effect of dense energy through the ley-lines connected; this then affects the life forces living
within the area.
The South of England is quite open minded about Spiritual development, healing and many other
natural holistic practices, as is some of the North. Coventry, however, sits within part of the country
that is not so open to talk about Spiritual topics. Some of the energy is coming in from Pendle Hill,
which is known for it’s pagan rituals and Witches that dabbled in black magic. This energy prevents
the white light and purity from the Stonehenge ley-lines to come through the land. As these energies
meet, it is a duel between good and evil, causing frictions on the land above. Whilst this could be seen
as a balance of energies, it is not. To see this energy would be like looking at a thunder cloud with
many bolts of lightening coming from it. When you look at some events in Coventry or the surrounding areas, the uneasy energy of the land explains some of the phenomena’s.
Before Christmas, I had many signs to take my work to Coventry. There were other mediums asking
if they could pass on my name to Spiritual Churches in the area, I had been asked to attend a couple of
events in the city as a medium, as well as a reunion with some friends who I met in my Holiday rep
days. I also visited St Michaels Cathedral for the Candlelight Carol service, which was beautiful. It was
during that service that I saw the most beautiful Angels stood behind the Priest who was addressing
us all. As he was talking, Archangel Michael surrounded him in a navy blue light and it was as if he
had a funnel of light coming from his head. This came as realisation to me, that the people of this city,
and afar, were coming together. Not everyone in the Cathedral that day was strictly religious, yet
Christmas and this service brought us all together. As my candle was lit and I shared the flame with a
stranger next to me, I gave thought to all those that had been caught up in conflicts throughout 2017.
So many terror attacks had happened and changes, I asked for healing to be sent out to all those who
needed it.
Whilst on Facebook, I kept seeing a suggested page to visit, which was for the Amethyst Centre. No
matter what, it just kept coming up on my news feed. I’d been thinking about it for a while, but once I
had passed my Reiki II, in October last year, I contacted the centre and asked if I could hire a room
once a week. January 5th, I started there. Now every Friday, 10am to 3pm, I work at the centre offering Reiki & Readings. So far there’s been a really positive response and I enjoy my time there.
As a healer, it doesn’t just stop with Reiki, it’s about helping people to delve deeper into themselves and allowing them to find the answers as to what might be holding them back. In many cases,
there seems to be some inner-child work needed. Once these issues from childhood are healed, it unties
you and allows you to move forwards in life. Every time you heal a part of yourself, you change your
DNA structure– yes we all have the power to make this change. For example, recognition of narcissistic behaviours towards you and pulling away from such people, heals so many wounds and dents
within your DNA structure, that it actually heals harm for generations before and after you. Never
underestimate the power of our energy.
I have met some beautiful and amazing people from Coventry so far, as well as experience and
learn new things. Each week I learn a little more about the city. Many people may talk badly about
Coventry, however, minus the road system, I actually have a soft spot for the place. This City of Culture win will hopefully help to boost the moral of the city and bring many prosperous changes for future generations to come.
Not all healing has to be full on touching the land, hugging trees and playing angelic music, it
could just be smiling at a stranger in the street, buying a homeless person a meal or hot drink, maybe
even just putting waste in the correct bin. Just be the light you was born to be.
May the dragon realm bring love, light, protection and guidance to all in Coventry for generations.