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Latest update

I need to update you on the events of the last week!

Firstly, the funder I’d applied to for the money for the centre rejected the request, saying they were “nervous of the market”. That means they weren’t used to funding places like the Amethyst Centre and didn’t want to take the risk.

As you can appreciate, this knocked me for six and I was devastated. I went and had a chat with a friend who owns a small business in Coventry, and she told me she wants to sell her business to emigrate, and then to invest in mine! Well that cheered me up, even if it wasn’t a practical suggestion at this point in time it’s nice to know I have people around who will support me.

Then I had a Facebook Messenger discussion with an old flame from 40 years ago (honestly!), who told me he is prepared to loan me £10,000! Now there is still a long way to go on this, but at least it gives me something to work on.

I went to the landlord and told him what I had and hadn’t got, and he told me what he would accept, and what else he could do for me. So as soon as I get the cheque, we’re in!

It’s not ideal, I still have no working capital and so the crowdfunding campaign needs your support. But at least we have a future!

The Amethyst Centre Indiegogo crowdfunding bid