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Locked In to Looked Up!

Locked In to Looked Up award

I was given the “Locked In to Looked Up” award by the NoW Network last Saturday evening.

It’s an award given in recognition of the hard work and struggle put in to keep the Amethyst Centre going over the last 18 months.

A quick recap:

Both myself and my husband had Covid at the end of April 2020. On the 1st May 2020 Steve was taken to hospital with a severe UTI – and complete blindness.

At this point I could have given up – but no, for some reason I decided to keep going.  The buzzword at the time was “Pivot” – how could you keep your business going if you’re unable to practice? I set myself the target of 100 meditations over 100 days on Facebook Live, some of which made it on to the Amethyst Centre’s YouTube channel (when I worked out how to do it!).

Also, I had students still on a course to get through – which happened at the end of October. In fact, the Centre was placed in the highest rank of City and Guilds centres as a result.

At this point I could have given up – but not this time…

Then another lockdown – and I still kept going, despite still recovering from Long Covid, and going on to 3 courses of antibiotics. And a month back – and another lockdown. This time, a dental abscess, more antibiotics and a tooth extraction to accompany it.

So demoralising – but I still kept going. This time, I decided to create a Podcast, “Walking the Path” with the help of Gary Jones of Grow Media and Marketing. This meant that I got to interview my rock god, guitar virtuoso Steve Hackett! And also my cricketing hero, Paul Smith of Warwickshire and England, who went to the Bronx and taught the people there how to play cricket too. (And several others – and maybe you? Still looking for interviewees!)

And then we came back. Not content with offering City and Guilds courses, I decided to try VTCT and The Centre became an approved centre for them too! Then an eye infection and Covid stuck again, this time making an appearance as a dendritic (corneal) ulcer, a condition I now have to manage for the rest of my life.

So no need to give up now, is there? The Centre is still in a precarious position financially, and we need to find a place with a ground floor as a matter of urgency. It breaks my heart when people open the door at the bottom and shout up and say “Hello I can’t manage stairs” and we have to turn them away. We will only do that with financial input though.

As we celebrate our 6th anniversary next month, there’s a new cohort of reflexologists to welcome: some amazing Reiki students: new therapists hiring rooms: and a new spiritual development group starting. My thanks go to Janet, Caroline, Yvonne, Lindsey, Bliss and Collette for all their hard work over the last 2 years for the Centre, quite literally keeping it running when I was indisposed with a shoulder operation. I couldn’t have done it without any of you.

Are you up for a change? We have volunteers helping us out – could one be you? We have plenty of places available on courses such as reflexology, massage, Indian head massage, Reiki: just ask. At some stage I may need to employ people…

Tonight I’m going to have my tea and I might, just might, allow myself a glass of wine to celebrate. Here’s to the next 6 years!