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Meet Jim, our new massage therapist

Jim, a man looking into the camera smiling

We are really pleased to welcome Jim Suther, our new massage therapist, to the Centre in the next couple of weeks. Here’s what he told us about himself and his practice. If you are interested in booking with Jim, please contact him directly using the information below. He will mostly be available at the Centre on Saturdays or Sundays.

My name is Jim Suther and is I run Soothing Hands 2020 which is a mobile massage therapy service I offer within the Coventry and Warwickshire area. I also now have a pratcice located within The Amethyst Centre located on the Walsgrave Road.

I offer three types of massage service, the first is Swedish massage which is for relaxation of the mind body and spirit . The second treatment I offer is called Table Thai Stretch massage which is a combination of deep tissue with stretching all done on the couch. The third treatment is a combination of the two treatments so you get a deep tissue, stretch and relaxation massage.

I offer the following treatments: firstly, a head, shoulders, neck and back treatment which incorporates mainly Swedish techniques. This is called Soothing Mind and costs £55 for 55mins.

The next one is a full body treatment using the Swedish massage techniques only and is called Soothing mind and body and costs £65. Lasts for 1hr30mins.

The next treatment again is a full body treatment using Table Thai stretch Techniques and is called Soothing Mind, Body and Spirit as this Re-energises the body and mind and costs £65 for 2hrs.

The final treatment I offer is a combination of both the Swedish and Table Thai Techniques depending on where you may be having issues again this is a relaxing and re-energising treatment. Cost £75 2hrs.

I have appointments available during next week and I am mobile so I can come to your home or workplace. Please note that £10 of the fee I charge will be donated to the Myton Hospices.

I will work with you and discuss the issues and ailments you have and  see what the best way forward to help ease your pain.

I look forward hearing from you shortly. My mobile number is 07769 974992, and Facebook is @soothinghands2020. You can also book online via my website as well.