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Our Ethics and Values Statement

Our Ethics and Values Statement

The Management of the Centre works with the following values:

We have only one planet and we need to make the most of what we have.
We believe it is possible to create products that are effective while remaining free of artificial ingredients.
We believe that people have value and worth no matter who or what they are.
We believe that all religions have value, but the Centre wishes to remain unaligned with any religion.
We believe that people can only achieve their full potential if they are allowed a safe space in which to grow.

The Amethyst Centre has been created from a disused office suite. Great care and effort has been taken to create a suite of new rooms in this century-old building. We will put the same care and attention into creating the best therapy centre in Coventry.

This means we will use only the best products in our treatments, so we have chosen NYR Organic products as they only use ingredients that are taken from the wild, naturally occurring or certified organic. (Should you want to buy these products, we have some on sale and you can also order them through us.) All products sold at the Centre meet these standards. Our freelance therapists have been asked to examine the products they use to see whether they meet these exacting standards too.

We care about the environment we live in. Having suffered at first hand from the adverse effects of chemicals, Chris has insisted that all cleaning chemicals are less harmful to the environment than their mass-produced counterparts. The therapy rooms are steam-cleaned weekly as we believe this to be the most environmentally friendly way of keeping the bugs away.

We also believe that it is our job to help those less fortunate than ourselves, and we try and use Fairtrade products where possible. Our tea and coffee machines are Fairtrade, and our water coolers come from a firm where a percentage of their sales go to charity.

We have adopted Coventry Comfort Carers as our charity and raise funds for them on occasions. This is a completely voluntary organisation that provides hot food, drinks and clothing for the homeless of Coventry, as well as trying to get them into accommodation if that is what they wish. They only receive funding via donations.