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Kelly Palmer Hypnobirthing

Kelly is our resident hypnobirthing expert. She also does other therapies too, but this is what she has to say about hypnobirthing:

Your Birth. Your Choice
Do you want to have the confidence to birth your baby your way? Have a more gentle, even joyous birth experience that supports yours and your baby’s well-being both during birth and after? Reduce the need for pain relief and even delivery time?
Then you’ll love Mindful Mamma hypnobirthing.
Learn how your state of mind affects your body, your baby and your birth, empowering techniques to stay calm, confident and relaxed and how your birthing partner can best support you, to create a fulfilling experience for all.
I am proud to be a licensed practitioner for Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing, the UKs first one day mindful hypnobirthing class that will teach you (and your birth partner) mindfulness, self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques for a calm and confident birth. The class is fun and enjoyable, and also based on strong research that shows empowering women to birth the way they want to results in happier, healthier mums and calmer, more settled babies. You will learn all the things we rarely get told about the birth, and what your mind and body really needs.
As well as the class, you get access to a range of online support and downloadable mp3 tracks so you can practice at home right up until your birth.
For more information visit http://www.hypnobirthingcoventry.com/
Next class – June 10th
Cost – £130 per couple