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Michelle Heyes

Hello. My name is Michelle and I am one of the therapists working out of the Amethyst Centre. I am a Foot Health Care Professional (FHP) offering chiropody treatments. I trained at the SMAE Institute in Maidenhead and qualified January 2016. I enjoy working with feet, if your feet feel fine then the rest of your body feels better!

One of the most common conditions I see is fungal infections, much better to get these infections sorted out as soon as you notice them as they do not go away on their own. The next most common condition is poor nail cutting. This leads to ingrowing nails at the edges of the big toe with those suffering from this condition regularly “digging” around to try and stop the pain. This condition can usually be treated in one session, but sometimes it may take two. Don’t let the idea that you have “terrible” feet stop you from seeking treatment and advice – there is no such thing as perfect feet!

I spent most of my adult life in Hong Kong, where I was introduced to Reiki in the 1990’s and have been a Reiki Master since 2002. Hong Kong is a wonderful place for alternative therapies. The Chinese as a race have been practising acupuncture, herbalism and reflexology for many years and the locals would consult one of these practitioners before trying Western medicine. I have also studied basic herbalism which comes in very handy for curing sniffles and digestive problems, and I am a qualified aromatherapy masseuse. I took a course on soap making and enjoy creating soaps which contain no chemicals - only healing essential oils - and am waiting for my licence to come through to be able to sell my creations.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries or questions you have via email through the Amethyst Centre or through my personal email, mickiheyes@gmail.com. I look forward to meeting you all in the future.