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Holistic therapies and training in Coventry

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Natasha Harries

Natasha Harries is a Medium and Clairvoyant. She has always seen heard and felt and connected to spirit. She developed her Mediumship side further on Spiritual Retreats and workshops through 2003 onwards and also trained with many other teachers in mediumship, Past Life Regression, Colour and Crystal Therapy, Tarot, Reiki Healing, Healing Dynamics, art , photography, art history, graphic design.

In 2007 Natasha was drawn to Psychic Art and began producing her own Angelic Inspirational Paintings with Channelled messages, of which she has sold many, and produced her own inspirational card deck with angelic Channelled messages which she will be publishing in the near future.

2011 Natasha teamed up with "That's Paranormal!!" paranormal investigation team as their Medium and travelled nationally on Investigations to haunted locations and they were featured live on Bolton Fm, CWR FM with live Paranormal investigations.

Natasha continued working in the Paranormal Investigations area by joining Hauntastic Events in Rotherham with Paranormal Investigation team in Rotherham where she was the Team's Medium for the Four Nations Ghost hunt for Help for Heroes Charity at Castle Menzies Scotland, and joined the team for many more other Paranormal Investigations with Hauntastic Events.

In 2012, she was asked to assist in running a development group at a Spiritualist church due to her knowledge and experience in Mediumship and healing. The teacher left the group due to personal reasons and Natasha continued running this as "Aurora Lilly's Development Group". Ahe has now ran 3 successful development groups, and she continues to run these at the Centre as Natasha Harries Development workshops.

A number of Natasha's students now do One2One Readings, working on radio shows and online groups as professional readers and also progressing in Mediumship and furthering their Spiritual Development in many areas. Natasha now is a mentor to a handful of students where she devotes her time weekly to her students in intense development and spiritual growth: she takes on a coaching role for individuals to give them the confidence and belief in themselves,

In 2012 Natasha began serving Spiritualist Churches with Demonstrations of Mediumship and also supporting charity fund raisers and creating her own fund raisers for many charities, both locally and nationally. She continues with this and now works as a stage medium which she thoroughly enjoys with the healing and loving guidance and evidential messages that spirit give to the audience.

In 2014 Natasha Joined Spirit Quest Radio as a Co-Host for a year and thoroughly enjoyed this with on air readings, talks and discussions about spirituality and also advice and guidance. She was also a guest Medium on the Spiritual Concepts Radio Show regularly where she gave readings, Healing and entertainment and a medium and public speaker internationally. She spent 2016 touring the UK with evenings of mediumship with another medium and also focusing on charity fundraisers.

Now in 2017 Natasha is based at the Amethsyt Centre Coventry and runs workshops, booked readings, past life regression therapy from here and also travels throughout the country with stage/platform evenings of mediumship, mentoring, and is also available for phone and skype readings, psychic art channeled messages.
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