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Sue Sturges

Let me introduce myself! My name is Sue and I am very warm, good hearted, kind, caring and a very honest person. I have been called a very independent/stubborn woman. I am so lucky in this life to have been born with good gold hands! God gave me this gift which I use to heal many of my clients who surfer from aches and pains and stress.

I first came to England over twenty years ago! My whole life I have alway liked studying and learning new things. In 1994 I trained in Hotel and Catering at Henley College in Coventry for 2 years. I became a qualified professional Chef in 1996 with a City & Guild certificate. As I have always liked cooking and I wanted to work in the catering industry. After two years training I decided not to continue working in the hotel & catering industry, and instead continued my interest in cooking in my spare time, for friends and family.

I decided to continue studying, but this time in a different field – Health Professional Holistic study at the Technical College in Coventry (now known as City College). I became involved in holistic massage and beauty therapy training for a number of years, and I am now a qualified provider of holistic massage and beauty therapy in my own home ( Coventry).

Although I administered basic Thai massage from an early age – I recall as a 12 year old girl standing on my father’s back in order to relieve his pain, just to get pocket money – soon after the turn of the millennium I undertook intensive Traditional Thai massage, advance Thai massage and traditional Thai foot massage training at the Wat Po Traditional Medical School in Bangkok, in order to acquire an appropriate level of proficiency in administering traditional Thai massage. It is the traditional manipulative treatments of my home land for which I have become so respected as a skilled and effective practitioner.

I return to Thailand regularly to participate in specialist courses which have extended my range of skills. This includes the technique of Chi Nei Tsang, (Deep Colon Massage) which is a form of applied massage of the stomach and abdomen designed to restore natural balance to the organs, training them to operate more efficiently.

I am a member of the Complementary Therapist Association,
Professional Practitioners Guild of Holistic Therapists and the Guild of Beauty Therapists.

I am so pleased to be joining the team at the Amethyst Centre and I hope you will all come and see me.

I do not accept text messages that are rude or of a sexual nature, or bad Language on my voicemail. Whoever is doing this I ask you to stop otherwise I will report this as harassment to the local police.
(I have reported this type of harassment to the police four years ago).