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Please welcome Trish Jarvis to our therapists!

We are really pleased to welcome Trish Jarvis, our new Drawing & Talking Practitioner, to the Centre in the next couple of weeks. Here’s what she told us about herself and her practice. If you are interested in booking with Trish, please contact her directly using the information below. She will initially have quite flexible availability at the Centre throughout our current opening times.
My name is Trish Jarvis and I run Trauma Therapy by Trish which provides mental health and emotional wellbeing support for Adults and Children from the age of five, within the Coventry and Warwickshire area. I have a treatment room (The Connection Cabin) located in the summerhouse in my garden in CV2, I work in schools and also now have a practice located within The Amethyst Centre located on the Walsgrave Road.
The technique I use is called Drawing & Talking, it is a therapeutic intervention that allows the client to process their emotions in a non-intrusive way.  It is particularly useful for anyone experiencing anxiety of any kind (including post-Covid anxiety), or who is struggling to move on from an emotionally traumatic event (regardless of how long ago it happened).
Symptoms of emotional trauma are different for everyone, but could include depression, anxiety, panic attacks, irritability, lack of concentration, loss of interest in things you used to enjoy, poor sleep (too much or too little, nightmares), poor eating habits (comfort eating or not eating regularly), withdrawing from normal life, or being highly emotional.
Causes may be obvious (bereavement, loss of job, relationship breakdown, illness etc) or not really known at all – because very often it can be the smallest thing that is the tipping point (the straw that broke the camel’s back) but this intervention may help you process all the other “stuff” you were carrying around, that you thought you were coping with.
Processed Trauma is Lighter to Carry – that is how I help you to Lift Your Life.
The sessions are for 30 minutes each week, for 12 weeks.  Completing all 12 sessions gives the most effective chance to progress through the stages of the process and to achieve resolution of some kind.  Please note this service is not to be completed alongside other counselling-style therapies but can be undertaken whilst on a waiting list for them.
The basic price is £30 per session (£360 in total), however, there are currently discounts for Go CV card holders (£20 per session) and even greater ones if you qualify for the Go CV+ element (£10 per session).  Why?  Because I believe in the power of this intervention and want it to be accessible to all local people here in Coventry, I want to improve the mental wellbeing of people here and now.
I also have other discounts for NHS and Education workers – as a thank you for all that you have done through the pandemic and continue to do.  Please ask.  (This offer is not applicable with other offers – pick the best one for you).
If there is more than one family member requiring treatment, (sometimes, all of you will have lived through an event, but you may all be dealing with it differently) The Amethyst Centre is ideal, as we can book appointments back-to-back and there are waiting area facilities.  I can also offer a 5% family discount when two or more family members book, to ease the financial impact. (This offer is not applicable for £10 sessions, sorry).
Free telephone consultations are available to discuss your needs.
More information (including client testimonials) can be found on my website:
I look forward helping you Lift Your Life.  My mobile number / WhatsApp is 0793 441 66 11 or email: