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Usui Reiki Level 3a: Advanced Reiki Techniques £350


The Advanced Reiki Techniques course is more commonly encountered as the first part of the Reiki Master Teacher qualification. I have split that qualification into two, to enable more people to progress at their own pace and to choose not to be able to pass attunements on to students.

In this one-day course we look at Advanced Reiki Techniques such as:

Psychic Surgery
Byosen scanning
Giving Reiki through breath and intention
Healing Attunements

A comprehensive manual and ongoing mentorship is available as part of the fee. If you want to undertake case studies, that facility is available as part of the ongoing mentorship.

This course is only available to people who have studied Reiki Level 2 with Chris Ramsbottom. If you have studied it with another Reiki master, and want to do this course with Chris, then please get in touch for an interview.