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Essential Aromatherapy


Essential Aromatherapy, 10 Mondays from March 9th, 6 – 8pm. £150 includes FREE AROMATHERAPY KIT

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It’s very fashionable these days to use essential oils to enhance your health and well-being. But how do you know what to use and how? This 10-week course in Essential Aromatherapy will point you in the right direction.

Join qualified aromatherapist Lindsey Brookes as she tells you the safe way to use these wonderful natural products.

You will get a FREE AROMATHERAPY KIT containing these oils:

Bergamot Leaf Essential Oil 10ml

A sweet and citrusy oil which is wonderful for warding off bacteria as well as lifting the mood

Eucalyptus Essential Oil 10ml

Fresh and Uplifting, excellent for relaxation, cleansing the air and a feeling of wellbeing. A favourite in Spas and Saunas throughout the world.

Geranium Essential Oil 10ml

We use the graveolens variety which has more of a rose undertone, than the odoratissium variety which is more apple like. The oil is very heavy and sweet with minty overtones

Lime Essential Oil 10ml

The fresh and citrusy scent of Lime, uplifting to blends, blends beautifully with Ylang, Orange and Bergamot

Lavender Essential Oil 10ml

Clean fresh, floral top notes with herbaceous undertones… The most popular essential oil.

Lemongrass Essential Oil 10ml

Pungent, fresh, lemon, hay like top notes with earthy green undertones… a must have for all aromatherapy collections and reminiscent of spa settings.

Orange Essential Oil 10ml

Zesty, recognisable, fresh and refreshing scent of Orange.

Rosemary Essential Oil 10ml

Very recognisable scent with its sharp and fresh green top notes and campherous undertones, stimulating and aiding to concentration, instantly clearing the mind.

Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml

The essential oil of any aromatherapy collection with its multitude of uses and recognisable scent.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 10ml

A naturallythinking favourite, we only source the finest Ylang Ylang with its deep undertones and floral top notes. A wonderfully reassuring oil which enhances blends and burns very well.

The kit also contains Sweet Almond and Grapeseed carrier oils for you to make blends with.

We only teach methods of usage which are safe, effective, and conform to the guidelines issued by the FHT and IPFA in the UK. For this reason we will never teach you to use essential oils internally.

The course lasts 10 weeks and starts on Monday March 9th at the Amethyst Centre. Time is 6 – 8pm.