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Level 3 Reflexology module £799


Single-skill Reflexology module, £799. Payment by instalments is available.


This is the single skill Reflexology module, which is suitable for therapists who are already qualified to Level 3 in another therapy and with a Level 3 A&P qualification.

You will be taught how to practise in a Covid-secure way and how to maintain a Covid-secure environment. A separate qualification, accredited via VTCT (Level 2 Infection Prevention for Complementary Therapies) is included.

You will learn foot, hand and facial reflexology. Please allow up to two years to complete the course. The course is assessed through completion of 100 case studies, assessed practice, examination and assessed assignments. Tuition is through blended learning: distance learning for the theory side, and the practical side will be taught and assessed over 12 weeks starting Sunday 26 September 2021.

You will then be required to attend tutorials every month on a Sunday. You can do the case studies at the Amethyst Centre if you wish, or if you have premises of your own you can do them there: however you are not allowed to charge for case studies and your clients must understand that they are being seen by a trainee therapist. As part of the tutorials, you will be asked to work on a client and be observed by the teacher.

In the way of kit, you are required to attend wearing a therapist tunic and closed-toe shoes, with make-up kept to a minimum, hair secured back from the face, and short nails with no varnish. The Centre will provide everything you need to use while you are at the Centre, such as towels, couch covers and waxes/balms/lotions. You will need to provide these yourself for your practice outside the Centre.

You will be able to pay over 12 months. A deposit of £199 will mean you need to pay £100 a month for 6 months. This will be arranged through Stripe.