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Usui Reiki Level 2, £300


Usui Reiki Level 2 training, £300


This course is for students of Usui Reiki who have completed Level 1, and who want to move on to the next stage of their journey with Reiki Level 2. This is the booking link for Level 2, regardless of whether you are taking it on a one-to-one basis, or in a small group.

We will cover the Reiki symbols in this workshop, and using them on other people. If you are interested in practising Reiki professionally, this level is the one for you, but we cover in more detail what is required to professionally practice Reiki in the UK in a different workshop.

As far as assessment is concerned, there is no formal assessment involved, but Chris will observe you doing a treatment on someone. You will also need to produce a fair copy of the three symbols taught at this level.

If you wish to undertake case studies so that you feel more confident in practising Reiki on other people, then we offer the facility to do that at this level, as part of the ongoing mentorship provided.