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Safety on your mind?


Safety was foremost in my mind when I created the Amethyst Centre 5 years ago. Being a therapist – of whatever practice – is an inherently unsafe profession as there is you and a client whom you may or may not know, alone in a room. That is why the Centre has someone on Reception all the time the therapists are on site, as you are less likely to be compromised when it is obvious you are not completely alone. We only have receptionists who are able to handle such situations. If you choose to practice from the Centre, your safety as a therapist is assured.

We have risk assessments, policies and procedures and we review them every other year to make sure they are still up to date and relevant. Our next review is scheduled for next month, and of course there is added Covid this year! Our thanks go to Helena Whyment-Lester of WorksafeGB for her support throughout the years. We work on the principle that we can plan for what we know, and what we don’t know will have less effect . Plans are nothing, but planning is everything as someone once said.

Our Covid risk assessment is available for people to view on request. We have changed some of the ways we work, as our followers will have seen: we bought in new furniture which can be wiped down with sanitiser yet still is comfortable and reflects the ethos of the Centre. We have a variety of masks and shields for use. We have encouraged our therapists to take accredited training on working safely, and they have achieved the Gateway certification.  So for the general public, this is not only a peaceful, calm and relaxing place to visit: it is safe. And this is so very, very important at this time.