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So what’s changed?

Well not a lot. We already operated in a health-secure environment, but we have tightened the processes up a little.

  • Firstly, everything must be booked in advance, we are not doing drop-ins yet. If you can pay your therapist in advance, then please do: otherwise you can pay by card or cash at the Centre.
  • Please wear a mask on our premises. We do have ones available if you don’t, so don’t worry about having your own, but please wear one when we ask you.
  • Please don’t bring anyone else to your appointment. This doesn’t apply to carers or translators, but we request that you leave your children with a babysitter.
  • You can still sit in Reception while you’re waiting, but we may request that you sit in another room if there is another person already waiting there. Please try and turn up at or just before your booked time.
  • Please, if you feel ill, or have a new cough or sore throat, or if you have recently lost your sense of smell or taste, don’t come to the Centre. If anyone in your family feels ill, don’t come to the Centre. Our reschedule fees have been waived for the time being. We will not be taking your temperature: we trust you to tell us if you feel ill or not. The Therapists will be retaining their records in case you need to be contacted for the NHS Track and Trace system: at this point the Centre will not be taking your details as this is duplication.
  • You can use our toilets, we would like you to close the lid before you flush the toilet and wash your hands as normal, using one of our hand towels. Then please put it in the marked bin and we will wash them.
  • Please try and make it one person on the stairs at a time, no crossing.
  • We will not have reading material or products on sale except for those behind glass. You will be welcome to ask to see things.
  • Please follow the instructions of your therapist when you get in the room as to what you need to do, where to sit etc. We have not gone down the haztape route because we can’t see the point in that given the floor layout, nor have we installed plastic screens – yet. The rooms will be cleaned and aired before and after you leave.
  • Please, if you can think of something we haven’t done that we should consider doing, tell us and not Facebook. If you tell us we have the chance to see how your suggestion would work in our environment.
  • And thank you – from the bottom of my heart – for your support for the Centre over the past 12 weeks, and in times to come. It is such a privilege to be able to offer space for therapists to work in, and for people to become whole.