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Some amazing women

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of hosting a “Meet the Author” session with Shelley Wilson. While there weren’t many of us there, what was striking about those who were there is that we are all amazing and have all made incredible changes in our lives over the years.

Shelley herself had changed her life several times. She left an abusive marriage with just 3 children and a car – but she knew she had to get out of there before one of her children was seriously harmed or she herself was killed. She had to give up her Reiki therapy practice due to ill health, still with 3 children, and she had to reinvent herself somehow to support them. So she became an author, and is now the number 1 best-selling author on Amazon for self-help – yes that’s right, she sells more than Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Diana Cooper, all those self-help gurus! And she’s a single mum of 3 from Solihull!

One of the other women who was there is a theatre nurse at our local superhospital, an occupation that deserves all of our admiration. I know I couldn’t do anything like it.

And another attendee was Loretta, who is also an author and blogger in her own right.

And then there was me. Little old me who just happens to run an amazing holistic therapy centre in Coventry.

So anyway, a couple of days later I did a Reiki Level 1 attunement on another amazing woman, Faye who has fibromyalgia and is in constant pain. This is what she wrote a couple of days afterwards:
“Saturday was an amazing day for me. I attuned to Reiki Level 1!
I wanted to learn about self-healing. I have terrible trouble getting to sleep at night due to the amount of pain I am in, it’s very hard to chill out and relax when your body is alive with pain!!
So the only real option I had is taking my meds, knocking myself out and feeling drowsy and horrible the next morning.
So I read as much about Reiki healing as I could. Fascinating!
I spent the day at The Amethyst Centre on Saturday and so much made sense!!! The Reiki principles are an amazing way to live your life by! Wouldn’t it be a lovely world if more people did??
I advise anyone to try a Reiki treatment, it is non invasive which is perfect if like me you are sensitive to touch. It works differently for every person but it works for me!! By being attuned myself I can self-heal and also help my family and friends if they so wish.
Anyway the truth in the pudding etc…. I slept both Saturday and last night. Admittedly I had a few crazy dreams but I got to sleep without the need for drugs!! Whoohoo. I did wake up a few times with pain but managed to get back to sleep!”

I am so grateful that I run the Amethyst Centre, you know. It allows me to meet the most amazing women, all of whom make me feel so humble. I’m sure I could never do what these women do, but there is one thing we all do that I am committed to stopping.

I am stopping belittling my achievements. As of now. I have achieved so much in my life, while struggling with rheumatoid arthritis, and despite not having any money. I am so thankful to the Universe for this.

Here are the links to the blogs and website for Shelley and Loretta:

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