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Sonia Bhanot – Reiki Practitioner

Sonia Bhanot

We are welcoming Sonia Bhanot to the Amethyst Centre on Tuesdays from the 15th. She is a level 3a Usui Reiki practitioner, progressing to a teaching Usui Reiki Master in the near future. She has always had a spiritual connection, meditating and exploring Hindu scriptures and teachings for many years. Having worked in the public sector, in both public health and local authority, Sonia has always found herself in roles where personal contact and communication – written communication, teaching, counselling and public speaking amongst other things – has always played a major part in helping communities and those in need. Four years ago a very welcome, but very unexpected turn of events found her taking on another very important role – that of a stay at home mum to her two sons (and two cats!) With more time on her hands to explore her ever growing and ever deepening spiritual side, she began to make crystal healing jewellery at which point, the universe gently nudged and introduced her to the practise of Reiki. A few months later and now a level 3a Usui Reiki Practitioner herself, Sonia can finally bring together her calling to help people, with her own personal spirituality and beliefs.

To start with, Sonia is offering case study hours at just £15 so that she can build her confidence as a Reiki practitioner. In time she will be moving towards our usual pricing structure of £25 for half an hour treatment or £40 for a full treatment. If you’d like to book a treatment with her, she’s available from 10.30 – 3pm on Tuesdays starting from the 15th May. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to book in.