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Posts Tagged ‘angels’

A favourite memory

Pamper yourself

This post popped up on my Memories feed on Facebook today. It reminded me of the need to keep the Centre going at this time, especially when the future seems as grey as the sky has been today. This is the testimonial that brought me to tears: “I had the great pleasure in the summer…

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Thinking of working from the Centre? Read this.

Facebook throws up some memories from time to time, and tonight this one came up from a few¬† years ago. It brought me to tears at the time, and I have pleasure in repeating it here. “I had the great pleasure in the summer of 2016 meeting with what can only be described as a…

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What’s an Ascension Group?

Lorraine Dolan writes about our monthly Ascension Group: I would like to thank those who attended the course last night and we ended upon with the 7 presences of the Violet Flame joining us in preparation for the course we are running on the 21 November for the Awakening the Violet Flame. Here is a…

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The Opening Week

I’ve never been one to do things by halves! An Opening Day just isn’t enough, we have to have an Opening Week! 5 whole days to celebrate, introduce ourselves and find new friends. So here’s what is planned at the moment: Tuesday 29 September, St. Michael’s Day. It’s lovely to be able to celebrate Saint…

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