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Posts Tagged ‘Christmas’

It’s creeping up…

So are you ready yet? For Christmas I mean? Me? You must be joking! Half the decs are in the box still. Doesn’t look like we’re going to bother with tinsel as it’s always Steve’s job and he hasn’t showed any inclination to do it. And the tree is a fibre optic one, with no…

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Getting back to normal

Well what a busy week I had! 4 networking meetings visited, plenty of amazingly creative small businesses met and some really astounding women met (and the odd man too!). I have one more left to visit on Tuesday morning, then we are back to normal. So here is next week’s opening hours and schedule: Tuesday…

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Black? Green? Cyber? Personal!

I lost heart in promoting my “Black Friday” goods after reading that the name had connections with the slave trade. Whether this is true or not I really don’t know but it pulled me up. Other friends of mine were promoting “Green Friday” and getting us to reuse or recycle goods. Well I certainly did…

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Coming up to Christmas, availability and Black Friday (ish)

How’s the preparation for the festive season going? Got all your presents? Decorated yet? Fed up of people asking? So am I! But anyway let’s see how the Amethyst Centre can help you with your preparations. Firstly, should you want to keep yourself going with a treatment, please note that the Centre will be open…

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A hive of activity

Helping Handbags

The Centre has been busy this week, with my old clients coming in to see me and a couple of new faces too. I’ve also had visits from people wishing to hire rooms at the Centre, and I’ll keep you posted as to what happens there. Next week the opening times at the Centre are…

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