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Posts Tagged ‘Massage’

Meet Jim, our new massage therapist

Jim, a man looking into the camera smiling

We are really pleased to welcome Jim Suther, our new massage therapist, to the Centre in the next couple of weeks. Here’s what he told us about himself and his practice. If you are interested in booking with Jim, please contact him directly using the information below. He will mostly be available at the Centre…

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Training update

book 2929646 1280

I just thought I’d hop on and do a quick blog post about our training provision. I went through the mill this summer. Covid was robbing me of my faculties, having robbed my husband of his sight, and life seemed to hang by a thread. I wondered – aloud to some people – whether I…

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Why choose to work from the Amethyst Centre?

Earlier this year a firm of physiotherapists visited the Centre and decided to move their Coventry base to the Centre. I was intrigued by this and keen to know their reasons for actually moving from one place in Coventry to another, so I asked them. One of their key points was that the Centre is…

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How walking down stairs changed my life!

I realised today it is now 10 years since I completed my NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Complementary Therapies at Daventry College. How did someone who taught for two universities and ran a successful support business for charities come to change direction so completely? In June 2007 I was teaching “Managing Voluntary Organisations” for Leicester…

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The Amethyst Centre steps up to fill the gaps!

Luxurious procedure

Some of you are parents with teens looking to get qualified in a vocational subject. Some of you might know of someone older who wants to change career and who is looking for a national qualification in a vocational subject. Did you know that the FE colleges locally are cutting down on some of the…

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Dementia and holistic therapies – Victoria Brown

Our massage therapist Victoria Brown has worked with dementia patients for some time now. Here’s what she says about her work with them: I have been a Complementary/Holistic Therapist for over ten years. I love my job as it enables me to provide various therapies to a wide cross- section of people. Since around 2010…

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What do you call a massage…

… carried out when you’re on one of those massage chairs? Is it onsite massage? Well all our massages are carried out on site, if you see what I mean! Is it seated massage? You’re sort of kneeling as well as sitting. Is it chair massage? You’re not massaging a chair! So what did I…

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