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Posts Tagged ‘meditation’

Come Walking the Path with Chris!

Blue and Green Photo Health Wellness Podcast Cover1 scaled

After some months of preparation, I’m thrilled to little pieces that my new podcast is at last available! Here’s a QandA about it: Why that title? Well I tell my students “This is your path and you must walk it”. I am not a guru! I may be a teacher but what does that mean?…

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Gratitude Matters

Thank you!

I did a Facebook Live the other day for the Family Business Network Group with the above title, so here is in written form what I covered. Gratitude Matters? It certainly does! Being grateful is the key to The Secret, the missing link in the Law of Attraction. It is the message you send out…

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Welcome Zac Podilchuk to the Centre!

We are grateful to have Zac Podilchuk at the Centre on a placement. Here’s what he tells us about himself: I was not born into a religious or spiritual family, but I used to see spirit and enter meditative states from an early age. As soon as I could, I started to explore this other…

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Why choose to work from the Amethyst Centre?

Earlier this year a firm of physiotherapists visited the Centre and decided to move their Coventry base to the Centre. I was intrigued by this and keen to know their reasons for actually moving from one place in Coventry to another, so I asked them. One of their key points was that the Centre is…

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Here’s to year 2!

Well we made it through the first year of trading! September 1st, 2015 at 6pm we opened the door to our first client. And so, September 1st 2016 at 6pm saw Chris on reception while a therapist saw her own client. That’s actually quite a big change because it means the Centre is fulfilling its…

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A hive of activity

Helping Handbags

The Centre has been busy this week, with my old clients coming in to see me and a couple of new faces too. I’ve also had visits from people wishing to hire rooms at the Centre, and I’ll keep you posted as to what happens there. Next week the opening times at the Centre are…

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Help us out here…

Helen is adding some new exciting therapies to what Holistic with Helen is offering. She has been assessed as fully competent and is insured to practice, but in order to complete the qualification process she needs to get a portfolio of clients together. She is therefore offering the following therapies at a reduced price: Meditation…

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New and exciting therapies added

Holistic with Helen is adding new and exciting therapies, all of which Helen has been assessed as competent in and is insured for practice. She needs a portfolio of clients to complete the qualifying process, so we are offering the following therapies at half the normal price: Regression/past life regression £20 Meditation £15 Clinical Hypnotherapy…

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