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Posts Tagged ‘regression’

Interested in your past life?

Duncan Adams hypnotherapist

Are you ready to explore a past life? Have you ever had the thought that although you had never been to a place before that it seemed somewhat familiar? Or always wondered why you had a natural ability to learn another language or play a musical instrument? Or conversely do you feel that something from…

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What’s an Ascension Group?

Lorraine Dolan writes about our monthly Ascension Group: I would like to thank those who attended the course last night and we ended upon with the 7 presences of the Violet Flame joining us in preparation for the course we are running on the 21 November for the Awakening the Violet Flame. Here is a…

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Help us out here…

Helen is adding some new exciting therapies to what Holistic with Helen is offering. She has been assessed as fully competent and is insured to practice, but in order to complete the qualification process she needs to get a portfolio of clients together. She is therefore offering the following therapies at a reduced price: Meditation…

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New and exciting therapies added

Holistic with Helen is adding new and exciting therapies, all of which Helen has been assessed as competent in and is insured for practice. She needs a portfolio of clients to complete the qualifying process, so we are offering the following therapies at half the normal price: Regression/past life regression £20 Meditation £15 Clinical Hypnotherapy…

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