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Posts Tagged ‘reiki healing’

Robyn Rainbow has written about what her art and therapy practice offers you. I have not made a secret of my Atlantean past life, Atlantean art and reiki healing. But now many of us are starting to discover and realise that we have had had past lives on other planets, galaxies and universes, and that…

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Jessica May

We are really pleased to welcome Jessica May to working at the Centre. She is with us every Friday in January, and we would love to have her made a permanent fixture. Here’s what she says about what she offers: Jessica May is a Psychic Medium, healer & inspirational writer. She offers readings or healing. As…

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Have you heard of the phenomenon of quantum entanglement? Apparently if you take a pair of quantum particles and separate them, so that one is as far away as possible from the other, then whatever action you perform on one will still affect the other! Einstein, who wasn’t a great fan of quantum theory, called…

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