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Posts Tagged ‘therapy centre’

A favourite memory

Pamper yourself

This post popped up on my Memories feed on Facebook today. It reminded me of the need to keep the Centre going at this time, especially when the future seems as grey as the sky has been today. This is the testimonial that brought me to tears: “I had the great pleasure in the summer…

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Thinking of working from the Centre? Read this.

Facebook throws up some memories from time to time, and tonight this one came up from a few  years ago. It brought me to tears at the time, and I have pleasure in repeating it here. “I had the great pleasure in the summer of 2016 meeting with what can only be described as a…

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Why choose to work from the Amethyst Centre?

Earlier this year a firm of physiotherapists visited the Centre and decided to move their Coventry base to the Centre. I was intrigued by this and keen to know their reasons for actually moving from one place in Coventry to another, so I asked them. One of their key points was that the Centre is…

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Perseverance and Me

Keys with key ring

I was asked by the Socially Shared Network to contribute a guest blog to their website, and after much deliberation, I managed it! Here it is:   “Perseverance is when you fall down 19 times and get up 20” – Julie Andrews, apparently. This was on a key ring given to me by a fellow…

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Here’s to year 2!

Well we made it through the first year of trading! September 1st, 2015 at 6pm we opened the door to our first client. And so, September 1st 2016 at 6pm saw Chris on reception while a therapist saw her own client. That’s actually quite a big change because it means the Centre is fulfilling its…

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Weekends at the Centre

The Centre will be open at weekends of course. Most people like to have treatments on Saturdays so I imagine there will be a bit of a queue for therapists to book the rooms! On Saturdays there will be training courses running in our Training Rooms. Maybe a Reiki class, or a spiritual aromatherapy class,…

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Latest update

I need to update you on the events of the last week! Firstly, the funder I’d applied to for the money for the centre rejected the request, saying they were “nervous of the market”. That means they weren’t used to funding places like the Amethyst Centre and didn’t want to take the risk. As you…

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