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This testimonial brought me to tears.


I was sent this testimonial by a therapist who will work from the Centre just as soon as her health issues will allow her to. It brought me to tears.

“I had the great pleasure in the summer of 2016 meeting with what can only be described as a chance meeting with a wonderful lady called Chris who is the owner of a very successful Therapy centre called the Amethyst centre in Coventry.
I was searching for somewhere to hire so I could get my reiki healing business of the ground and her website was very appealing to me and what I mean by chance is that I thought I had already secured a place but it fell through.
After speaking to her briefly on the phone,she invited me to come and see her.
The day of the meeting I was so nervous but as soon as I walked into the centre I was greeted by a hug which made me feel at ease.
This very kind,warm and extremely knowledgeable lady just sat their and listened to me talk for a couple of hours,guiding me on my future business venture.
Her aura and how she welcomed me I will never forget.
It took a special person, an Angel is how I would describe her to take the time to greet , listen and bring new life into my ideas.
To her I was a stranger searching for guidance but not once did she hurry me along or worry about the time she gave me.
I see my  chance meeting with Chris as a blessing from above because if my other offering had not fallen through I would not have had the opportunity to meet  such an amazing person who I now consider my friend.
So you see God and the Angels bring people and situations into your life when you need them the most and who will leave a lasting impact on your heart.
I am looking forward to working with Chris in the near future. “