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The Floral Females of Aromatherapy

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While teaching the Aromatherapy class the other day I came up with these female personas for the floral essential oils. I think it’s a great way to remember who and what and what for!

1. Chamomiles. The Chamomiles are the girls who climb on your lap saying “Daddy, what’s wrong?”. These are the girls whose smile can make pain evaporate in a heartbeat. The German one is the original bluegirl, her beautiful blueness is the colour of her eyes and she is the mother in the child. You know sometimes a girl will say “Sit down Mommy and let me make you dinner” and she will get her toy kitchen and rattle it about and then give you a plate with some dried lentils on? Well the German one is like this, she is very good at easing your pain in unexpected ways. The Roman one is noble, somewhat detached, but will bring her higher self to you with love and care.

2. Jasmine. Jasmine is the sister who is always there for you, who takes you out when your boyfriend dumps you by text, who knows how to enjoy herself and have a good time and makes sure you do too. She is your birth partner – more of that later!

3. Ylang Ylang. When Jasmine has been out on the pull on Broad Street on a Saturday Night, Ylang Ylang is the older sister who knows how to seduce. She knows herself and how to stand in her power and ground, and she knows who she wants and how to get what she wants. When the inevitable has happened and the birth is about to happen, Jasmine comes along to rub your back, tell you to push, and make the labour swift and – amazingly enough – enjoyable!

4. Rose. Rose is the birth mother, whose tender loving arms you run to when it all goes pear-shaped, and whose eyes can lift a depression with one twinkle. She comforts and cares for you like no other can. Mind you, when you get older and have children of your own, that one drop of Rose is something you hanker after and can keep you going for a long time.

5. Neroli. Now Neroli is the auntie who invented the phrase “Eat up – you’re at your auntie’s”! She is the nurturing auntie, who is always ready to put the kettle on when you turn up and nourish you with love. She is the one who will give you good advice, and you can tell her things you’d never be able to tell your mother!

6. Finally, Lavender. Lavender is the grandmother, the Wise Woman, the Crone. She knows exactly what you need, which might not quite be what you think you need, but when you get it then it turns out to be exactly what you needed. Grandmother will look after you, heal your wounds, tuck you in and get the whisky all at the same time.

These are just my impressions about these amazing essential oils. Of course there are many different sub-types within each of these essential oils, but overall it makes a good peg to hang your thoughts on when you are choosing oils for blending.