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The Opening Week

I’ve never been one to do things by halves! An Opening Day just isn’t enough, we have to have an Opening Week! 5 whole days to celebrate, introduce ourselves and find new friends. So here’s what is planned at the moment:

Tuesday 29 September, St. Michael’s Da
y. It’s lovely to be able to celebrate Saint (or Archangel) Michael, after all the entrance to the Centre is on St. Michael’s Road! In recognition of this we will have Kerry Wallace of Butterflywings offering her special therapies for only £40 per session, combining Usui, angelic & Lemurian energies and crystals are used to compliment this should a client choose. Dragon and unicorn energies come in when a client is ready to release karmic ties and then the Dragons are there ready to clear. It is something that is very powerful yet very gentle. We also have Daniel Browne doing short relaxation sessions, ideal for keeping you going in a busy day.

Wednesday 30 September: Helen Charles will be with us, offering her own blend of treatments. Tasters will be available for £10. Chris Ramsbottom will also be offering tasters of Reiki, crystal healing, hand massages, foot massages or Indian head massages for only £10.

Thursday 1 October: Today’s opening hours will be 12 – 8pm. Helen and James Charles will be with us, and they will also be offering tasters for £10. Sarah Daffern will be on site from 5 – 8pm, and she will give tasters of Reiki and Eastern facial massage for £10, with a money-off voucher for subsequent treatments booked with her at the Centre. What a kind offer!

Friday 2 October, All Angels’ Day. Once again Kerry Wallace will be with us as will the Angels. She is offering full treatments for £40. You will be able to book a treatment through the Website or calling the Centre. We welcome Sarah Jane the reflexologist who will be with us on Fridays. Come and have a taster treatment from her for only £10 and you will have a money-off voucher for your next treatment with her at the Centre! And again, Helen Charles will be here offering taster treatments.

Saturday 3 October: Party
! Lots of things planned for today. Kerry Wallace is offering treatments again, and Sarah Daffern will also be offering tasters. We are lucky to have Colin and Alison with us today as well, and they can produce a photo of your aura as well as an aura reading. I’ve had one done, it is very enlightening. And Ruth Elizabeth, the local artist, will draw your angels and spirit guides. Watch this space for more developments!