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Usui Reiki Master Level Teaching


The ultimate goal of Reiki Masters is to teach other Reiki Masters. It is not a process you can speed up, as Reiki is first and foremost a spiritual practice, and it is dependent on the student themselves. When the student is ready, then the Master will be able to teach them and create another Reiki Master.

I will be running Reiki Master level teaching at the Centre over the next few months. I split it into 2 stages, and you don’t have to do the final one: first is Advanced Reiki Techniques (Level 3a) and then there is Reiki Master Teacher (3b). Both levels cost £250. I would really like to get a total of 4 attendees on ART and 2 on RMT2. Putting that out into the Universe! If you are interested please contact me. Teaching will take place on a Tuesday during the day, or maybe across a few Saturday mornings, to suit the attendees. (Or both!)

If you are interested, the prerequisite is that you must have been attuned to and studied Usui Reiki Level 2. If you haven’t done this with me, I will need to see you first with the manual and certificate you received, in order to ascertain what you were taught and how we can fit this in with what my lineage teaches. There will be an additional cost for any additional teaching involved.

Those of you who are interested in learning Usui Reiki, we do have a Level 1 class organised for Saturday 2nd July, 9.30 – 1 pm, cost is £100. At this level you will learn the first steps on the spiritual path of Reiki, how to give Reiki to yourself and to your friends and family. If you are already attuned at Level 1 and want a refresher, please feel free to come along for a top-up. The fee for this will be £30.

There are other teachers at the Amethyst Centre. Robyn Rainbow is also a teaching Reiki Master, and Lorraine Dolan and Robyn both teach Angelic Reiki. At this point in time I only have details of my own teaching (Chris) but you are welcome to contact either of those Masters to make enquiries as to what and how they teach.