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We have lift off!

After a whirlwind few days I’m amazed to find I have a set of keys for the Centre in my handbag! (I also have the code for the burglar alarm. That’s importanter.)

So we are off and running. The first Reiki client is booked in for next week: two people are booked to learn Reiki with me: I also have therapists booked to hire rooms.

If anyone wants to visit the Centre to see what all the fuss is about, I’d be thrilled to see you. The only thing I ask is that you call ahead to book a time as, especially during the first week or so, I shall be here on my own and I will also be seeing sales reps and having stuff built in and painting done. I do, however, already have the kettle and some Fairtrade Tea!

Thank you all for your patience while I’ve been trying to get this together. I have to thank the landlord Naysan, and his team of builders, electricians, plumbers, friends and family, who have busted a gut to get this building refurbished to such an amazingly high standard. You’ve done yourselves proud and I owe you all big time!