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Weekends at the Centre

The Centre will be open at weekends of course. Most people like to have treatments on Saturdays so I imagine there will be a bit of a queue for therapists to book the rooms!

On Saturdays there will be training courses running in our Training Rooms. Maybe a Reiki class, or a spiritual aromatherapy class, or Tarot reading, or … whatever you can think of, we’ll try and find a trainer for it! There will still be two rooms available for therapists to hire out. It will be busy. The reception will be fully staffed all day.

A typical Sunday at the Centre might go something like this. At 10 am the centre would open for whatever therapists wish to book rooms. 10.30 we’d have a “non-religious service”. Soothing music, readings from spiritual writers, guided meditations, for an hour or so, followed by tea and cakes, and maybe a marketplace for organic products. About 1pm we might have a meditation class, or possibly a knitting club, or even a spiritual development group, closing our doors at about 3pm.

It is so good to have a lovely big resource available with a multitude of potential uses. Of course I don’t expect all these things to happen from Day 1 but I expect to build up to these uses. The Celestine room – the one on the second floor – is a beautiful, light and airy space and ideal for more formal sessions. The Crystal room – the one at the front of the Centre – could be for smaller, informal sessions.